Online dating --- sounds promising.. huh?

how do you know that a guy is really into you if you meet that guy online? Either you met him in chatting room or any dating website. what sign will a guy send if he is serious to make long distance relationship work? long distance here means you both still don't have chance to meet in person, because you are far apart (different country) and still Haven't had the right time to meet in person... anyone who had that experience before please help me.. and also, anyone whose friends or relatives has that experience are really welcome to share them with me...


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  • Well I met my husband online and we have been together for almost five years now.i didn't know at first either I wanted to believe that it could work the only way I knew it was is because he called me everyday and night and during his lunches at work, all during the first month of us meeting online, he would call me around 7 at night and we would talk till around 4 am he told me all about his life and wanted to know all about me and my family.

    I mean we only lived about 200 miles from each other and we met like 4 months after we first started talking. But it don't work out for everyone but if you really want to know ask, open honest communication will be the best key I know its easier said then done but you will know.

    good luck Hun I hope it all works out for you.

    • i met this guy online. we have been talking about 8 months now. we have done all the emails, chats, phone calls, video calls. but sometime I feel like he is not really into me... I'm a bit upset about that, and keep questioning whether he is serious with me or not. because I always want to spend as much time as I can to talk with him. on the other hand, he sometimes isn't really nice.. what should I do? I'm open to any opinion, thanks

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    • And I love helping I have relationship experience but its more on how to know a guy is not in to you kind of stuff lol I also have a personal email if you don’t want a lot of people reading. If you want its

    • THANK YOU! I just started online dating, and its great to know how to make things "serious" for online dating and long distance. Can I ask who initiated the phone calls and such?

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  • I think online dating is admitting offense

    unless instant connection was there...


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  • It's vital the guy presents himself as interested in the realistic aspects of a relationship with you, rather than an idealistic one that can be created through a chat box. Proper forms of communication providing audio and visual are fundamental, as it discourages the other from romanticising the situation and reinstates a sense of authenticity. If you just type to each other little cutesy messages, both of you are simply bored or lonely and that does not constitute a relationship.