Would you say to a girl you want to date "You said it sister!"?

We met in an online dating site. Things were friendly and nice, but then I foolishly said I needed to step away from the dating scene for awhile do to some personal reasons ( my ex kept threatening suicide and wanting me

back. So I was fed up with the whole dating thing at the time).

then, a couple weeks later the on line guy and I got back into contact. He seemed to

make an effort to get in contact with me and was supper sweet.

we have been texting and talking every day for over a week. We spent last Saturday on

an outing that I had described in my "perfect date" section of my online profile.

we plan to go out and do something again next saturday.

he admits it's hard for him to text ( he is just learning) but yet he does so every day with me now ( about 2 to 5hrs each night)and

tells me good morning and good night/ sweet dreams each day.

he is very old fashioned ( he comes and picks me up for our outings, opens my car door

and is the perfect gentleman so far).

we ended our outing last Saturday with him

giving me a hug and winking at me then asking if we could do it again.

I think he likes me and I know I like him. I'm kind of shy when it comes to romantic

situations so am not overly forward, but try

to let him know I like him.

neither of us really openly flirt yet but that out personality types.

I hope he don't think I just see him as a buddy or friend.

we were joking around tonight and he says " you got that right sister!". I'm not sure that's an expression he would regularly use.

is it just an expression - or him trying to say we are just friends?

I haven't really dated much at all and am

terrible at it. He hasn't dated for 12 years ( he just got out of the service a year ago).

so we are both out of practice I think. Plus we were both raised in very traditional settings.

I worry since I had told him before I just wanted to be friends, he may think so now, but that was before we got back into contact.

am I misreading the signals ? or does it seem like he likes me?

would I guy spend this much time talking and texting a girl he just saw as a friend?

He is 35. Ex Navy, very responsible and mature acting. Old fashioned up bringing. The kind of guy you look at and know he has a level head on his shoulders.

we were both on the dating sight because we are ready to settle down and find a partner in life.

But like I said, we don't flirt or anything yet.


he even texts me to make sure I'm home safe at night. He may be taking it slow out of out fashioned values and not wanting to rush things. I don't know! When he asked me out on our first outing he said " I hope I'm not being to forward, but I would like
to invite you to go hiking for the day". I haven't tried to hold hands or start anything in any way ( I'm the type the guy needs to start something s I'm a little shy that way). So maybe he isn't sure how I feel. He seems consernded about making sure I'm
"comfortable" with everything. And he is always saying things like " I promise to make sure you have fun". And when I thanked him for the perfect day he said he enjoyed it too & it was his pleasure. Is he just an old fashioned gentleman?


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