Caught him flirting with other girls?

he was flirting with them and asking them for there number.

we just had sex for the first time and I find this .. I was supposed to call him and wake him up but I sent him a text instead saying next time don't leave your website logged in and hit on girls.

should I still call him and talk to him about it or let him read it first ?


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  • wait for him to reply. whatever you do, do not let him avoid this conversation. that's freaking low.


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  • oh jeeze :/ I would probably wait for him to reply to me first to see what he would say back. that's dog of him! are you sure the messages he sent to the girls were after you two had sex for the first time?

    • I'm a 100 percent sure. The messages were all dated for the past 2 days when they started talking .

    • i personally would feel horrified if I was in your position. good luck with it