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Do I just give up?

so me and this guy have been “dating” since the 3rd of December. everything’s been great. we’ve hung out everyday, we chill at my place, he’s flirty i’m flirty. he’s told me to show more affection before and eveything so i started to. we’re both secure and we def both want each other but recently he got grounded and his parents are strict and he hasn’t been able to hang out but it’s been days now and i just don’t feel like he cares about me anymore. he just doesn’t seem as intrested and he always flakes on hanging i don’t know if he’s actually grounded or just not wanting to hang. i don’t wanna waste my time i really like this boy a lot and he’s told me “i wuv you” which I don't know how to feel ab that but he stopped sending texts first and just not as clingy anymore
Do I just give up?
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