Should you even bother "seeing" someone when they can only hang out on the weekend?

this guy is into me. and I am kind of into him. the only problem is, he claims he can only hang out on the weekend. we have only known each other for 2 weeks. (we met on vacation) and have hooked up a bit. is it worth continuing? I don't really know him to well. so all I know is he could be a player?


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  • Sure. Maybe if you too hit it off well he will find more time to hang out with him. If you like each other I don't see what's stopping you. What makes you think he's a player?

    • he has a lot of kills.

      and he just makes it sound like he plays girls all the time.

      it's really easy for him to make friends... espacally with girls.

      maybe I'm just over thinking it

    • kills? You're probably over thinking it. I'm usually guilty of that too! If he seems like a nice guy I'd say it's worth your time to hangout with him at least once and get to know him better. He might just seem like a player but really be a nice guy...or vice versa :( Point is you won't know until you get to know him better!

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  • provided he's telling the truth like he has other commitments not other people to do- then yea why not. weekend is a lot of time and it gives you space in between :)

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