Quick, help! Don't Know My Prom Date!

I found out today that this guy is going to ask me to Prom. Problem: I don't even really know this guy, and don't like him, I've maybe said one word to him in my life, and didn't even know his name. How the heck do I deal with this? Do I quickly find a date from another school? Or not go? Or be mean and tell him no? Please Help. There is no one else at my school that would ask me so that's out. Thanks


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  • My best advice is this maxim:

    If in doubt, get the f*** out.

    i.e. don't get sucked into doing anything you aren't sure about


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  • Try to find another date if you can, if not, just say no. There's no point in going with someone you don't want to go with. You won't have fun, and he probably won't either. Do you know a guy friend you could go with? That might work out better.