First kiss, what? haha

So I'll give some quick info. Me and the girl have been talking for a year, we've liked each other for about the same time. We were pretty much best friends for awhile, I never made a move etc before. We stopped talking, she dated a guy. She still cared about me, I still cared about her ETC she broke up with the guy partly because of me and were talking again.

So I've never kissed a girl, the chances have been there I guess I've always been too damn scared. But I don't want to screw this up again with this girl : /. So yea, what are the signals I guess Ill just go in and hope for the best but yea any help Id appreciate. by the way I know 99.9999% she likes me if that helps at all..

Thanks a lot for anyone who read or answers :D


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  • go with your gut, you'll do find, if she gets really close to you like face to face go for it. since she's had a boyfriend she may take the lead, just chill and have fun.


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