How long do people go without talking when they're just dating?

We have been dating for a few weeks. I usually hear from him every other day or so. I haven't heard from him in a week now. I was the last to text him. I liked his status on facebook today. Should I had not done that? I haven't dated much. I'm not sure how this works.


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  • You could go with out talking for any amount of time. Unless your exclusive, it doesn't mean anything. What does dating for a few weeks mean? As an adult, I wouldn't consider it a relationship, it just means we went on a few dates, not that were a couple. Don't push it, be patient, let him call you. Enjoy it for what it is and don't expect more, its way to soon, to question.

    • He text me this morning. I just don't know how to do this lol I don't want to be needy or clingy. We are planning a date for next weekend. I have plans with family this weekend. I been letting him do 98% of the contacting. . At least until I know where this is going. (Btw, we have known each other for sevens years, but we have always just been friends.) Thank you for your answer.

  • whatever you do don't call or text him anymore. You have to ignore him, a man wants to do the chasing. You have to act like you just talked to him a hour ago even if you haven't heard from him in days or weeks. He is expecting you to chase him and he will run away to the next. Get busy and concentrate on you. I am going through a similar situation, times are different and the men are running things. We woman have to change it back to where we are running the program. I go to the gym and try to keep busy it is hard but you have to do it!