Will she hang out with me in the future?

So I'm talking to a girl I knew back in high school On Face book. She has the same interest as me so she seems pretty much perfect for me. So I ask her what is she doing this Sunday? She was like I'm going to my dad house why? And I told her I thought it would be cool if we could hang out and watch the race together. So she said sure ill try to get out of going to my dad house. So then we text for 3 hours on the phone and she even ask why I didn't ask her to go to prom because she would of gone with me. So the next day I text her and toward the end of the 4 hours texting I said so whose house do you want to watch the race your house? Then she like I don't think that a good idea. Then I'm like so my house that still cool. Then she like I'm more than likely going to my dad house. So then I'm like What this sucks Sunday my only day off in a long time. She like yeah me too:(. And I'm like well their always summer time to hang out. Then she like Oh definitely. And then we text for an hour more and then I went to bed. So base off of that does she want to hang out? I thought she would of tried harder to hang out and not to go her dad's house because its my birthday this Sunday What do y'all think?


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  • It sounds like she probably still wants to hang out. I agree with someone who said that maybe she did not want to hang out at your house. If you both do not know each really well yet, it makes sense that it would make her uncomfortable to hang out at your house. Next time, suggest a public place.

    • ok yeah because in I am thinking not this weekend but next weekend we go bowling or see a movie.

  • yes, I think your still good, is it possible that she didn't want to hang out just you and her at your house?


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