Been on a few dates...and online dating?

I met this guy in a bar a few weeks ago and we have been on a few dates since this. However, I went onto a dating website that I signed up for a while ago, although never seriously used, and just so happened to notice he had a picture and profile on there! Since this time, I have noticed he goes on it quite regularly...and we have defo not had the "exclusive" discussion or anything but...

I'm thinking this means that he is "just not that into me" that he is still looking around?! What is everyone's opinion on this?


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  • If he's over 30 and using online dating sites, he's serious about a relationship. He just wants to make sure he actually gets one out of all this, for all you know he hasn't had the best experiences with women, he might think you're not that into him and is playing it safe.

    You are on the dating website too, so give him the benefit of the doubt. I don't think it means he's any less interested in you, but you have to pay for a lot of those sites anyway so it's a "might as well use it" thing. Even if he's feeling great about you, it always helps to have reassurance.

    Wait until you have the exclusive talk. If you can't wait, message him on the dating site, but you are also sending him the same message that you've received from this.


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  • So he has an online dating account... And so do you. So what's the problem?

    If it really bothers you then talk to him about it. Just bring it up casually.

  • I'm thinking he just doesn't know you enough to feel like he should be exclusive.


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