Would you text a guy you weren't interested in?

I've been texting back and forth with this girl for a few days now. She's in my class too and we talk there. She told me she has a boyfriend however I think she may be bluffing because she continues texting me.

Girls would you keep texting a guy you weren't interested in? It's been my experience that if a girl isn't interested she won't reply or return your call.


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  • yeah I would text a guy I wasn't interested in just to get attention and feel loved.


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  • i think she considers you just as a good friend. Girls usually reply to guys whom they intend to be friends with, after having a boyfriend. And as you say, she talks to you in class too. She'd be just replying to your msgs out of sheer modesty. And also because, she might find you a charming, nice nd good to talk friend.

    However, it can be that she's flirting with u..so, all the best..if that's the case.. :) ;)

    • I'm not so sure. I hardly know her. We just joke around a bit in class and I didn't get her number until last week too. I've thought that she may just be replying to be nice - but a's I stated above I don't think a girl would text a guy if she wasn't interested.

  • She could be interested. If I wasn't into a guy and wanted to be left alone then I would just ignore his text/calls. But if she does have a boyfriend then she probably wants friendship.

  • yeahh I think this girl is interested in you, other wise she wouldn't text you or talk to you.

    she may have a boyfriend but it may be a rocky relationship and that may be why she is talking/flirting/texting etc you. do you like this girl?


    • She's certainly cute and I'd like to get to know her better. :) is if bad to call her out on this? Like say "I know you wouldn't have texted me if you weren't interested..." or similar

    • hmm :) well that's really bold of you haha. But um, maybe start out by asking her about her relationship with the other guy. you certainly don't wanna be a homewrecker but it the home is already fallin apart then hey, you could swoop in and save the day haha. If the relationship is serious, but takin a turn for the worst, or if its just a silly fling then you should have a shot since she seems to be showing interest in you :)

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