I like this guy, how can I get him to like me?

so I went to school with this guy I know him but kinda don't, but I think he's really good looking. right now we are talking on facebook but how can I keep talking to him and get him to gain interest. I don't wanna ask him to hang out just yet. how can I get him hooked and flirt through messages?


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  • I think hanging out is the best thing for it because then you guys can gauge how you react to one another in a social setting. I mean make it something really low key, not like a movie or something but maybe with some friends or just hang out in the park. It'll be nonthreatening and if he does show interest hopefully he'll make it obvious. He's not going to change his mind just because you ask to see him in person.


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  • Just be you nothing more or less.

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