Can you tell when you're wasting your time with a girl?

regardless of a specific story


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  • Normally after the point when she says something along the lines of 'I like you, but I'm not looking for a relationship right now because it will hurt too much.'

    Despite having had two relationships with guys she doesn't even know online the past month alone, or something, lol. Though they'll probably tell you it was simply to build up confidence.

    It takes a while before the emotional gates open and she welcomes you into that part of her life, so I guess if it hasn't happened from constant being together and having at least one private long one on one moment (MSN conversation, walking her dog with her at night, going town with her alone etc) then you should just give in I guess.

    But you won't be wasting time really. You'll still have a friend, and friends are valuable. :) They can potentially bump you on to newer dating prospects, and give you some advice too.

    And when you get a newer dating prospect, you can show them the friends you've made - introduce them to new friendships which are connected to you, and you'll give her more than some other relationships would.

    Hope that made sense and stuff. Good luck with any future prospects. :)

    • Thank you so much, that's such a good point!. Like I really like her and would probably do anything for her but like I feel she has too many guys fighting for her, and like we do a lot together but I just feel like she wouldn't ever go to the next level with me, we are awesome friends tho

  • Usually yes. If a girl is interested in you, and you pursue her, then there will be signs that she is interested and wants to hang out with you. If you keep pursuing a girl, and it seems like there is nothing there, then chances are, there isn't. If you're a priority to someone, then it should be obvious.

    • thats what I don't get cause she asks me to hang out sometimes, but like what does she want!

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    • Exactly. We as guys are so scared of rejection, we just have to change our views. If you ask 10 hot girls out on a date, and 9 tell you no, what do you have? You have a date with 1 hot girl.

    • fer sure! I guess I'll just try it, got nothing to loose at this point

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