Now she loves me and asked me to choose one of them. I'm in a serious problem. Please help me?

when I was at 9th class I love a girl who is my good friend but I had not tell her about it.But now I am in a good relationship with my collage friend who loves me so much...but the problem here is-my first love.

Now she loves me and asked me to choose one of them.I can't see anyone in pain. so what can I do now.

love my 1st love or collage love who can't live without me...


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  • 1 thing that I have learned with experiance is that you do have to be more selfish in life. At the end of the day when it comes to relationships things could change from nowhere. Choosing is harsh BUT it's YOUR life. Your chance to have the girl you truly love has come! If you turn this opportunity down for the sake of another could you live with yourself thinking 'what if'? Also if things don't work out between you both and the girl you love moves on... u'll be devastated mate, TRUST ME! I think 'what if' nearly everyday, I want it to end, it's torture. When I get with another girl the thoughts pass for a while but when it ends or things get bad I'm left once again thinking would could my life have been like with that girl... 'what if'...


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  • First loves are always special but that's just because it's the first person you experienced feelings for. Don't let that overshadow your current relationship. You must love your girlfriend now otherwise you wouldn't be with her, and you moved on in life and you're happy with her. Don't go back is my advice. Trust me, I went backwards like that and sometimes it's not always the best thing. People change, circumstances change...which lead you to your girlfriend today. Move forward with her I say :)


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  • You have to choose, what is the best. Do not mind that somebody cannot live without you. That is just emotional blackmail of some sort. She can live without you. Choose who you love most and what is the best choice. Don't mind anything else.