Is it a mistake-after 3 month seperation?

after 2 years of on and off dating whereby he has said he hasnt' dated other girls, we have been going on so called dates, and always it seems like we're doing something sexual and sometimes not. however after we a fight and for about 2-3 months we didn't talk, we both got together.

bam, we had sex. I feel a bit like I have gambled a bit and at the heat of the moment that was what I wanted cause I like him a lot,however, he hasn't contacted me for a while. I feel like I'm a booty call but reality is exams are coming up and the next time I can go out with him is next month and he agreed depending on the date. my big question is, was this all a mistake? does it sound like it will go further or does it sound like a fling? thx.


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  • next time before sex, just say to him "if you don't want me to be your girlfriend then I won't have sex with you" and see what he says.

    • just to be fair on the girls said, don't go for FWB if this guy isn't worth it for a serious relationship

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