What should I do and what does this mean?

I liked this guy and I let him know I was interested and he told his friends I was cute but he was still talking to his ex but it was nothing serious.so then a week went by and he finally asked for my number through his friend. I been talking to this guy for about 3 weeks and things started off great and he was always texting me and was up for making plans to hangout but lately now I feel like we been distant and haven't hungout or talked in a while through the phone. when I see him at school everything seems ok though and normal. So I asked him privately if everything was ok and if anything was wrong or if he was mad at me or something because I felt distant and he said that everything was fine and nothing was wrong. so then afterwards I was playing a game on his phone and some girl kelly texted him.well I ook a little and in his sent box was kelly and his ex in his phone. one of his friends said "dude why do you still talk to her she moved on" and I see the ex comments him on facebook still. On aim he said "u make me smile" as a away message. his friend said how they broke up its because he kissed another girl at a party and there a picture of it on facebook. I never got into the conversation of ex talk with him but I asked what his longest relationship was an he was joking around with me at first saying "A day" and I was like seriously how long.he got quite for a little and said its personal.i was like oh ok. honestly I think he likes me but he still isn't over his ex and maybe wants to make things work with her. but I feel like he doesn't want me to know. like he only talks to me enough to keep me around I guess if things don't work out. I don't understand why he just doesn't tell me that he wants to be friends and I thinks its because he does like me. I think him and his ex broke up the end of july and it hasn't been that long. I let him know about a party and he didn't answer my text, which was the first time not answering me. He said in school he wanted to go an he told me later he never got my text which I think he is lied. some times our friends will ask him how me and him are and he tells them "its ok were talking , were friends". its hard for me to know what kind of guy he is because we are in college and both on the soccer team and no one knows him on the team and I only hungout with his friends from high school once and they told me they heard a lot about me and every other times we hungout with the teams. I don't know if he is that kind of guy that is settled or not. I don't think he really knows what he wants and I don't know what to do about him. I like him and want to be around with him but its not fair that I'm the only one trying I feel like. he tells me everything is ok but he doesn't answer my texts but when I'm around him it seems like he still likes me, everything is very confusing for me and I really don't know what I should do about it and I don't know the truth for sure if its me or if he really is starting to get serious with his ex


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  • Whoa. The ex is still in the picture? Avoid that situaiton like the plague. You will fall into rebound territory, and when he gets over her (that's if they don't get back together), he may very possible continue to see you as a rebound. Be friends with him. Nothing else.wait until he comes to you. If and when he does, then you can start dating. Until then.have some fun with the girls meeting new beaus!

    • TRUST ME. This happened to me with a guy who was still talking to his ex. He went back to her.

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  • Be patient and give him a chance, what have you got to lose.


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