Okay don't know what to do to get a girlfriend?

There is this girl that I like we went out on one date. We talk a little bit. I don't want to call her to much, but at the same time want to let her know I like her. She told me the next couple weekends she is busy. So I don't know what to do to possibly go about trying to get her? I need some ideas of what to do and possible dates that don't cost much money. What else could I do to escalate the relationship as in touching and kissing and things like that?


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  • First you'd have to get a second date. Call her up and have a quick flirty or light-hearted conversation, and try to set up a second date, maybe for a Friday night. If she declines or gives you the "busy" line once again, she's probably not interested. Just get back out there and find another girl who actually deserves your time. Best of luck.