Randomly giving a stranger a kiss?

Anyone ever risked this? any stories where it succeded or backfired? lol... I don't mean a full blown make-out...that's a bit weird. more of a friendly peck on the cheek/lips.

I personally haven't done it but at the weekend in a club a random girl just came over, gave me a kiss on the lips & disappeared out of sight. Well, I thought that was pretty cool/random/quirky. Of course if I tried to do such a thing I'd probably get a slap or a a punch to the nose! (probably not recommended for guys) No idea why she did it, but it was amusing...p.s. not done in a slutty way. more in a random way which was kinda endearing - quirky.

I like the idea of it. the randomess...shows confidence/eccentricity. but hmm, whether I'd ever do such a thing, hmmm. nah, probably not - being a guy o_0. but that said I like the idea of it. a bit of a leap in the dark!


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  • Something very similar happened to me. I was out clubbing with my friends and some totally random guy just swung me around and kissed me on the cheek. I think he was inebriated so I let it go .. besides it was way too sudden for me to react. Oh by the way, he was totally not good-looking. I just smiled politely and continued dancing.


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  • Girls have a tendency to call a guy they aren't attracted to creepy for every little thing. I was talking to a classmate and she said a creepy guy tried talking to me. I asked "what did he say", she said "He noticed a book I was holding and was talking about that." If the guy was a cute/handsome man than I can pretty much guarantee she would of felt differently.

    If a sex/hot/handsome guy with an accent told a girl she was pretty and kissed her than he probably would get laid that night.

    If a ugly/unattractive guy with out an accent told a girl she was pretty and tried to kiss her than he would probably be going to jail for attempted rape or get slapped.

    • This is one of the fundamental rules of girl's behavior. A double standard also

    • It's not always got to do with good looks or being relatively unattractive. I don't know how to explain this but we sort of take it a gut feeling thing when the random guy just plants one on us.. whether he is actually a creep.. or if it was a dare .. or he is interested.. but either way we'd rather the guy talks to us first before getting anywhere close to us with his lips.

    • On my way home from visting family this winter break I took the train. On the way home I was talking to this girl who was sitting next to me. After an hour and half of talking the conversation started to change more about sexual things. When I had to go she told me that she really wanted to kiss me. We ended up kissing before I left. She lives to far to make anything more out of this but this is a story of two random strangers kissing.