I don't know how hard I should try to hang out with this guy?

so I kind of like this guy who is pretty shy. we saw each other fairly often last semester but this semester our schedules don't match up too well so we only ever see each other in passing like once a week. I've talked to him on facebook and I said that we should hang out at some point and he said that we definitely should. we've talked about it a few times but lately we've both been really busy so we said when our work calms down we will hang out. the only problems are 1) should I leave it up to him now? or should I mention it again? remember he's shy. my college is the university of the socially awkward :/ lol and 2) what should we do if we hang out? and should we hang out just the 2 of us or with a group?


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  • You both like spending time together. It doesn't matter who initiates it, whether its 1 on 1, or if its a social event. People spend to much time worrying about, should I do this, should I do that, what will people think, what will happen... blah blah blah. The truth is, in the end, the things you regret most are those that you let slip away. Make it happen. Make it happen. Make it happen. Oh and did I mention... make it happen.


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  • If his a shy guy, then you might have to make the first move several times. He'll appreciate the effort! One thing you should know about shy guys is that, they will always doubt if you like them or not, even if you drop hints, and show interest here and there. You practically have to hit them over the head, for them to understand. So just go for it and ask him to hang out, but be specific.

    You wanna do something that's interactive and fun. Not a movie or sit down dinner.Maybe mini-golf, or ice-skating (That way you have an excuse to hold his hand.) Good ice breaker activities you can do together. :)

    Group or no grou^p, I honestly don`t think it matters. But you have to be careful, if its a group of your friends that his not well acquainted with, then it will make him more nervous and shy. But if its mutual friends, go for it! But make sure you give him attention.

    Hope this helps. :)