Age you got your first kiss?

I got mine when I was 16


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  • i was in 6th grade so I was like 11 lol


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  • 17 bro. how'd ur's go?

    • ha this girl wanted me to come to her friend's house and it just kinda happened

    • nah be more clear. Mine was a going great till we hit the climax. No not the orgasm...we didn't have sex...but the kiss...

      like me and my girlfriend were on the couch. just cuddling and...shortly after I totally kicked her ass in wrestling, anywho, we were watching Jersey shore and lol. We were talking about "us" and we just had a moment...and I went for it.

      Sad part was...i was going simple susan, peter PECKher, and she was Terry Tongue, fast and fun. In the all kinda worked out...

    • haha that's really funny

  • Are we talking mutual or what? Technically, my first kiss was as a baby, with my sitter's baby girl. Also got chased, grabbed, and kissed on the cheek around 9. But if you mean on the lips, by someone old enough to know what they're doing...well...

    I'll let you know when it happens. :P Lol