How can I tell he likes me?

So there is this guy in my class, and we hang out regularly. I really like him but he goes on and off of a love hate friendship so I'm really confused.


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  • Need more information.

    Does he do the asking out? Are they one on one? How does he act around you? Is he touchy when you hang out? Does he often pick up conversation when it dies down? Are there any possible signs of interest from him you our opinion on?


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  • do you catch him looking? does he catch you looking? need more info


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  • link

    The link will lead you to a bunch of really helpful GirlsAskGuys articles that will help you on the topic.

    I can tell if a guy likes me when:

    I often catch him staring at me.

    He talks, teases or flirts with me.

    He hangs around where I am.

    He starts Facebook Chat or texts me first.

    He does nice things for me.

    Those are only a few ways to tell, I hope my answer was helpful :)