How to kiss?

how to kiss and how do you kiss what is you fave way to be kissed?

main q is how to kiss


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  • how to kiss - just tilt your head to the left and go in, from there you can pick up how the other person is kissing you and just do that

    I kiss - with my hands around my boyfriends neck or one hand directly on his neck

    be kissed - by surprise


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  • I love in when my boyfriend pulls me by the waist towards him and looks me in the eyes. Then he slowly puts his hands on my face, doing everything slow so I am just dying from the suspense, looks me in the eyes again and gives me a deep passionate kiss :) it's nice when he starts to suck on my lip a little too.

    I heard that it is fun to say Mississippi while kissing someone but I haven't tried that yet. Maybe next time.

  • I like to be kissed in the rain. <3<3<3:D

    • Okay, assuming rain is present, how do you like to be kissed in the rain? :p

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