Give him my number?

wat are some good ways to get him to get my number? and text me..

i thought maybe I could get my friend to message it to him and then say that it was an accident but I really dnt know!?


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  • Honestly... this one's super easy to accomplish (takes some courage), and will honestly be a HUGE ego boost for him (and you if you get a response).

    Just walk up, smile, giggle, talk, blush... whatever... and hand him a piece of paper with your number and "call or text me sometime" on it. Maybe toss in a smiley face or something... then turn around and walk away. It'll be like a bandaid and over and done before you know it. You'll be on an adrenaline high, and he'll feel great because he was approached by a woman that likes him. It's a win-win!

    Good luck!

    • But if then if he rejects it.. I'll have to live with that for the rest of my school life :/

    • Yeah, probably not. He's not really got the chance. You gave him your number as an offer. If he texts/calls, then so be it, if he doesn't then you at least didn't gave to hear him say "no" or "I don't like you like that" or any of that. It's really the easiest option. Unless you just want to do nothing and hope he makes the move first... but there's no telling how long that'll be, if ever.



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