Should I call or text this guy?

This guy I've been talking trough text for 5 days and a month though e-mail has not contacted me in 2 days how long should you wait before you contact him?He has told me he has feeling but not sure because we have not met yet, I told him I like him and would like to meet him. I sent him 2 texts yesterday and he never responded what do I do now? I don't want to let scare him away but I don't want sit around and have him think I am not interested?


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  • As hard as it is, and yes, it is hard, just wait for him to text/phone you. He obviously knows that you like him/would like to meet him so leave it at that.

    I've learned the hard way about psycho-texting (not suggesting you're doing that btw) and it backfires every time...

    Men are more inclined to be attracted to women who are independent and not chronically checking the phone for texts/messages. Try and leave the phone on "silent" or just in your purse...try to forget about it and just live your life. You'll likely be pleasantly surprised when you do finally check it and see some texts there from him!

    Good luck! ?


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  • So hey, how did that one ever work out?

    • sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. but nothing ever happened it never went any where.

  • if he's intersted in you he will contact you. I think no need to call him

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