3am text after a week of no talk.

Asked me what am I doing. Woke up all happy but it's still getting me like sh*t I have not replied. Been almost a week. He knows he did wrong. there's a whole story to this. O and after a MySpace status I put and later night he texted me.Status said ( I wanna suck on your neck and caress you but I rather have the giggle weed...)


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  • What?

    • The guy I liked text me at 3 am ever since we didn't talk for a week he knows he did wrong... So he texts me what am I doing, and I have not replied ever since it's been 6 days and I think he already gave up on me.

    • Sorry, but this makes absolutely no sense.

    • Kinda f***in hard on this iPhone gawd damn... W.E.

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