How would you change our 'system' of dating if you had the power??

For example, a Japanese woman said she would like to go back 2000 years to the times of matriarchal 'trial marriage' in early Japan, before it was a monarchy.

You don't have to go back in time to a different historical era, but how would make fundamental changes of this type if.YOU HAD THE POWER.


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  • I think women should have some power to punish men who transgress and embarrass us.if they act like children they should be treated as such.


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  • Yes, I think many Japanese women would like to go back to that time!

    I'm not one to fantasize about turning back history, but I do think there should be some authority to consult, something the oracle of Dephi among the ancient Greeks, that would give us at least advice, if not a final decision, on major issues involving possible relationships.

    I don't know what form this would take, maybe a rotation among a large group of people selected by consensus.and I don't know how, other than by the force of prestige (as was the case at Delphi) the decisions could be enforced.

    For example, this authority would veto relationships where the age difference is too great.

    This is too big a subject, maybe you should write an article about it?

  • I would go back to before cell phones allowed texting. That way, when relationship goes sour, one person can't text the other person dirty things, trying to piss them off. I guess I wish men would still court women.when women didn't go to bars and clubs dressing like complete you-know-whats. It's hard to get a man's attention when you're in a nice outfit and there's someone next to you half naked. Oh well.


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