Guys especially: When is it a date or a friend date?

Seriously, let's say that you and a "friend" have discussed dedicating a day or evening to, say, watch a series we found out we both loved together. I thought it was just talk, but this "friend" bluntly asks days later about setting a date to do this (I'm assuming one-on-one).

So, how will I know which this get-together will be? And how could I flip it to be one or the other?


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  • Why do you have to know in advance? Just let it happen and see what type of date it is.

    If its a date, he'll show interest beyond friendship for example he'll try figuring out things about you that won't really matter for a friend(like... what you want in life, views on important things in his eyes, etc)

    Generally, there'll also be a mood that he set up because he wants you to be more then a friend ,be more inclined to appologise if you show any sort of discomfort or whatever(because he actually cares about what you think about his place/what he does etc), flirt and generally be more physical(not in a playfight type of way)

    If its a frienddate, you'll watch the show, have some light conversation and maybe goof off and have a laugh.

  • A date is when he will go all out and go to a nice place to eat and you two to talk. A friend date is when you two go out to the bar like dave and busters to drink and play games and have fun.

    Can you have on my question please?


    • Lol, we're in college though and don't have tons of time or cash. Also, I'm pretty sure this "friend" is terrified of being flatly rejected, so this date/friend date thing might be set up in a way he can back out if he feels its not going "well"

      What are some behaviors I should expect during a date vs friend date?

    • a date: getting closer to you, asking you more questions about your personal life, physical contact (touching and flirting)

      friend date: playing/joking around... basically just having fun and not stressing on getting to know the person better if I can put it like that lol.

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