Should I hang out with my boyfriend?

ok I'm just having a small problem with my boyfriend, the last week or so he's kind of ditched me to hang out with his friends, now I'm not complaining, cause I'm not gonna stop him seeing his friends but he asked me last night if I wanted to do something with him today, but he has ended up spending the whole day with his friends so I spoke to him on fb, nd just asked him if maybe we could do something tomorrow instead cause I assumed he would spend the rest of the day with his mates and he said no he still wants to do something today if its possible, I'm not sure if I should just be awkward with him and say no, most of the day is gone now so I don't really no what we could do this evening since we have nowhere too go... what can I do?!


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  • tell him to make it up to you and plan a really great date for you guys that night. Maybe see what movie is out or what kind of restaurant you guys want to go to.