Do you meet the worst people in clubs?

So I went out to a club last night. I thought it would be cool to maybe meet a potential future girlfriend or make a friend. Honestly the people I met made me feel disgusted. The girls seemed to be arrogant, mistreating and slutty. The guys seemed to act like idiots and it seemed to me like they were just chasing girls in the hope of sex, which I find disgusting.
Worst part was when I was actually into a girl and I went to dance with her. We danced really intimately for about an hour. Then I asked her snapchat. I thought we really had potential and mutual interest, so we could start chatting and maybe go to a cafe or to movies etc and get to really know each other. She didn't want to have any future contact and I was obviously shocked by it. We had a little argument and then I was just like whatever. I think she played with me and my feelings. I felt really offended. I would never dance for an hour with a girl like that, if I'd never want to hear from her again.
I'm a decent guy who treats other people well and keeps some sort of moral standards, so maybe clubs are for some other kind of people to find company. Probably for the sort of girls and guys I described earlier.
Do you meet the worst people in clubs?
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