Does social class make a difference in dating?

I live in a developed country in the North of Europe and here the first questions out of everyone’s mouth is the typical

1) Who are you?

2) What you do?

3) What position you are in the field of your choice?

I’m a black man, living in a white country, and racism is inevitable, but what I see in public places is nothing but bunch of lost souls trying to bring out their titles to get accepted, and at the same time when I look around I see those who don’t have an impressive titles or story to tell, so they hide who they are by avoiding everyone else. For example on my way home from school, (level of education above high school but below university) me and my x-class mate from the entrance exams were wondering how those who didn’t make it in are doing these days. Then Next to us, was a 40 year old man, just looking out the window and couldn’t even take a look at us and I could sense that he was hurt from the inside. The fact that he was white, and we were the foreigner lookalikes, our conversations made him feel small. This is what makes people here very anti-social to each other.

Then an example in a warehouse, which is divided into two departments, business and warehouse crew itself. Being in part of the crew, without education, everybody made friends with each other. I had a crush on my employer, as in the boss of my boss.(Only 3 years of age difference) If I wanted to become friends with her outside of work, and others from the crew would notice us in public places, it would only lower her reputation. What she did throughout her career, was isolated herself from those below, which leaves a reputation of a stuck up bitch, but if she did socialize and become friends with others.

This is prejudice bullsh*t that breeds jealousy from those below, and ignorance on those above the ladder. When jealousy meets ignorance, people get left behind. Anonymous or not, share your thoughts so maybe we can all come up with ideas that when groups of people from different levels of this society collide, we can actually be who we are and not be judged by color, nationality, age, ranks in society and other bullsh*t measures.

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  • That's a weird concept for me. I am from Canada and I do see some of this class snobbery. But not to the extent that you are experiencing. I think it's pretty ridiculous that you can't date that woman without people having a lesser opinion of her because of her association with you. I think they should be proud of her accomplishments and not worry about who she is dating and what he does. You sounds like you are a hard worker, working in a warehouse is probably not easy. Heck I worked at McDonalds for a few years. I know people do look down on people who work at seemingly 'lesser' jobs. But I don't think any job should be looked down upon. Everyone needs to work and sometimes if you just don't have the experience or education, you just can't become a CEO right away. That is reality. I don't know how people can expect everyone to have a glamorous title.

    Over here people are proud of their titles, but I wouldn't get looked down upon if I dated someone who didn't have the same title as me. Most people don't care here. But I can see how that must be frustrating.

    There are a lot of people who are ignorant. Over here, if you are poor, that is what makes people look down on you. As if being poor is always a choice, it is not. I am not that wealthy, but people do look down on me for not owning a car. Even though it's a known fact how expensive it is to have a car. Plus I am going to school and that is where all my money is tied up. What is really funny though, is that most students who have a car do not have one from their own effort. The bank of mommy and daddy bought it for them. So I really don't see how people can look down on me, at least I'm not making my parents buy me a car.

    In my own dating experiences, I don't look for a guy who is a certain social class. I am more concerned about what he is motivated by. My current boyfriend is in the military, hasn't gone to post secondary (like college or University). But he has a good head on his shoulders and I know if we get married someday that we will do fine. Most of the time when I am looking at a guy to see if I want to be with him, I look to see if he is working or going to school. Since I am going to school, I think it's appropriate for him to have a job or be working. But titles don't matter to me :P As I am a nobody myself! :)


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  • I say no, but then again, I haven't dated a billionaire's son.


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  • I wouldn't ever date a girl who's wealthier than I am.

    No way. If you call it jealousy, you're dead wrong. It's plain common sense.