Why does my date disappear and come back?

I 've date a guy for a month. he disappeared . I text him twice. finally got text from him after 3wks . he said his mom has cancer he has gone through so much . he wants to see me and said hopefully I'm not mad at him.. what should I do?


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  • Losing a parent to that is very hard. If you just started datiung he probably didn't want to burden you with that. I can't imagine not having my love with me for that but I've been with her for a long time. I say forget it and help him through it. Could bring you guys closer and give you a new perspective on him.

    • he disappeared on me while I'm had medical problem. I want to talk to him but I couldn't .

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    • i had thyroid treatment. nothing serious. so I was ignored his text . after he mention want to see me . anyway he called me last Sunday and said that he wants to talk to me and then I told him you disappeared on me and now you came back what do you think.? you disrespectful me and then he said I had gone through so much . and started to cussing . said he want to meet up and talk . I said you need to calm down . I will talk to you another day.

    • I would say get together and talk. He said he'd like to. He's probably very stressed and needs you (I know you've only been with him about a month.) To me it seems he's hurt and wants to turn to you for support. If anything I'm thinking that shows he trusts you which should make you feel a bit more at ease.

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  • I'm going to be away from the computer a few days. If you want you continue the conversation shoot me a message through here and Ill try to check it later tonight one last time.

  • Would you really dump a guy whose mom is probably about to die? I think things are bad enough for him right now...

    • i was mad at him . because its take him so long to repond.

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  • I would give him a second chance. However, if he does something like that again, then you know he is lying or there is something wrong with the guy.

    • thx for your advice. I was so mad at him. y took him so long to get back at me.