What do I wear to the movies and dinner for a first date?

I am in my early 30s and no, I've never really been on a date. I've had a few double dates. However, I've been married for ten years, I'm not sure how to dress for dates, unless its with my ex-husband. Its not with him so, I don't know how to dress, lol. I don't know how nice the place we are going to eat is, all I know is a movie and dinner. I need to know what to wear :(


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  • It depends what kind of guy asked you out.

    Movie theaters are pretty low-key venues. I've never been to a theater where people dressed really fancy, so it would be weird if he took you to a very high-end restaurant after that.

    Also, since this is a first date, the general rule is not to go to a very expensive restaurant. It puts too much pressure on the date and he still barely knows you. The exception is if the guy is extremely wealthy. Then he can take you where ever he wants because it's all a drop in the bucket to him.

    But assuming he's not a self-made multi-millionaire, I'm going to assume a mid-range restaurant for this kind of date. This means there will be some people there still wearing their work clothes, and some people dressed a little fancier because they're also on a date.

    In fact, you could probably get by with casual attire. However, a good rule of thumb is to always dress a little fancier than what's expected because it makes a good impression. It's not bad if you're dressed fancier than him and even most other people (just don't over do it). But if he's smart, he'll know this rule too.

    So I'd suggest that at the minimum wear some kind of dress, not a t-shirt and jeans. Even if t-shirt and jeans are acceptable, you can't go wrong wearing a dress. Take the weather into consideration. I'm sorry, I don't know much about woman's clothes so I can't advise more than that. Most guys don't know, so if it looks good to you in the mirror, then he'll probably think so too. If he thinks you spent way more time than was necessary, that's a good thing. Just don't overdo it. You're not going to an opera house or a wedding.

    • Even if he is very rich, it doesn't mean he'll wine and dine you for this kind of date. He probably wouldn't. But it just means all bets are off, because none of the normal rules would apply. But otherwise, I think my advice is solid.

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  • Wear nice jeans or pants with a nice top, something you like N feel good about yourself in, but that's sort of dressy & casual at the same time. That way you're comfy & prepared either way, unless it's a restaurant with dresses & ties, & in that case he should tell You ahead of time, so I doubt it. Whatever outfit YOU feel you look your best in, he'll love it N it'll be a big hit! I'm a firm believer that girls are best judges on how they should dress N what looks the best on themselves! Just don't wear something you normally don't like or wouldn't war just to please or impress someone, because you won't like how You look N it'll show...

  • Try something smart/casual. If you wear smart jeans and a top that doesn't show off the goods too much, it should be okay.

  • Ugh! The guy asked you to dinner and a movie for the first date? I'm sorry!

    How was it? Was there a second date? Curious because personally I've found the conversion rate for the dinner and a movie date to be pretty poor--especially for a first date.


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  • Guys never tell you enough information really in my experience. They just don't get it.

    If you're doing a movie, you can probably assume it's not too formal. You don't need a cocktail dress or anything like that.

    Personally, I like to buy a new outfit for a first date. It's fun, and you're trying on a new future with no baggage or memories.

    For me, always a dress or a skirt. I feel like it puts out a signal of openness.

    So I usually just go to the mall and find something that I feel comfortable in and that's flattering. A little bit sexy but not over the top. Something that I feel expresses the person I want to be that night.

    The shoes should match but be practical enough to go walking around without being too uncomfortable.

    It's a balance. Guys are going to notice how you look, but I feel like it's also about the kind of energy you give off. If you look good and feel comfortable in what you're wearing, it's easier to let your nerves go and your defenses down and just go with the flow.