Why is he acting like this?

I like a guy. I assumed he liked me too, since he shows all the obvious signs. I don't need to go into detail about that though.

Anyways, I went to a concert with a group of friends, he was there, and so was another girl that he showing a LOT of attention to. I got really sad/depressed/pissed and I wasn't having much fun and he must've noticed because he asked me why I looked sad and what was wrong. (multiple times throughout the night). But I didn't say anything. He continued with his flirting. He even kissed this other girl. (and he's kissed me within the past few days too). One of his friends (that I've never met before this night) asked if I was sad because the guy wasn't giving me any attention. (he was smiling really big while asking me this) and I said no (even though that was exactly why).

So do you have any idea why he acted like this?


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  • i hate when guys do that ! they "play " and make fun of the fact you like them so they embrass you and stuff! I am stuck in a similar situation , the guy I like is really popular expect on a friends birthday he came over and was all about me , I think he likes me but I don't know _ he likes me mess with my mind and I'm sick of it . I am planning to freak him out a bit next time he comes over like maybe kiss him when he doesn't expect it - I'm just giving him a taste of his own med! chances are that guy likes you , and he kissed that girl to make you jealous and then his friend was sent to montior you or he doesn't like you . I'm not sure.


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  • Assume whatever you like, if he hasn't asked you out then he is free to do whatever he likes


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  • Guys can be such d***bags sometimes.

    Do not let him lead you on. Talk to him, or something, and just find out what's up.

    But it's like not cool for him to be going around kissing multiple girls and thinking it will all be okay, because someone is going to get hurt, and you're already starting to.