He suddenly re-appears?

I dated this guy a few times and they were always great dates and had a fantastic time. He always said he did as well. But for a week he has been totally quiet, no communication whatsoever! Then totally out-of-the-blue he text me last night, with a very general "Hello. How are things"?

What are peoples opinions on this? Why?


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  • Eventhough it's only been a week...I agree with Belgie. Guys ALWAYS act like nothing happened and that no time has passed. I wish they understood when we look at them all surprised or shocked! Remember guys, just imagine if the tables were turned. If a girl were to not talk to you for a week or two, some of you that are insecure, would feel that she wasn't interested anymore or dumped you. Communication is key!


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  • Guys sometimes need time on their own.

    They don't apologize for this.

    And when they come back, they expect their relationships to resume at exactly the same emotional level they were at.

    Women, admittedly, don't deal with their relationships like this, since communication is how they maintain and strengthen ties. But men are *not* like that.

    • Well said. The enigma is figuring out how to deal with a guy that expects you be the same exact way! Any suggestions?

    • So what should us women do? Just wait around and hope they get back in touch?

  • The same thing is happening with my girlfriend currently. We were out of contact for a week because I was busy working (I'm self employed) doing long hours which included night shifts. My body clock was thrown off and I got a little depressed.

    I finely sent her a text and she acted all surprised to hear from me. I wanted to explain face to face but now she is blanking me which I can only assume is revenge. It looks like our relationship is over just because we didn't communicate very well.

    My advice to you is talk to him and find out why. He may have just been busy. Don't be stubborn and ignore him, it's only a week you were out of touch and if that's a big deal to you then you're not ready for dating.

    • Him and I aren't in a relationship though. So we have no need for contact unless he wanted to. But you are in a relationship with her, don't just give up - keep trying to contact her...good luck :-)

  • What stopped you from texting him first during that week? Men can be very busy and may not have the time to get into a texting conversation. And it's only one week, not one month.

    • I did contact him during the week!

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  • may be he was waiting for you to make a move. And a week is not that long if you dated a few times.

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