I like someone but I have a boyfriend?

I don’t want to make myself sound like a bad person, but recently the boy I had liked for a while asked me out and I said yes, and we have been together now for a month. His names Jayden and he’s a nice guy, and there no apparent issue and I do like him still but I have this other boy named Cameron who I’ve known for the same amount of time for him on my mind. I’m not a cheater at all, and I would never want to lead someone in if I don’t like them - and the boy I’m with, I have developed a huge soft spot for them and I really hope we can remain friends or in each others lives somehow for a long time. Still, I can’t stop thinking about Cameron and I’m also noticing that I’m way more physically attracted to him than to Jayden. Cameron and Jayden are best friends and have huge loyalty to eachother so I don’t even know if after I’ve been with Jayden, Cameron would ever give me a chance... and how that Im with Jayden, Cameron barely even messages me anymore even as friends - and for some reason I just really like him and can’t get him off my mind but I don’t want to make any mistakes. Especially as often you want what you can’t have and I don’t want to regret anything... Please help! :( I dont know what to do and am worried that since I only have 2 more years of school left that there isn’t enough time.
I like someone but I have a boyfriend?
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