I'm afraid to lose him. What to do?

so there's this popular guy in the university that most of the girls are looking for
it happened that we're studying together this year. since we've met we had this crazy chimestry
he knew that i'm not like those girls
and i've realized that he's not what he seems to be
he said that he feels comfortable with me that he doesn't have to show me only his good side
he asked me on a couple dates and by days admitted that he likes me
everything was perfect and still
we stared dating for real 2 weeks ago
but the thing is : the fear got me
he treats me so good that i'm afraid to lose him
he's different than the boys i knew
and i'm different than the girls he knew
he's so spontaneous with me so was i until he revealed his feelings
i'm simply falling for him and that scared me
we're getting super close. and i can't help but feeling scared !
i really like him and i know he does

he felt that i'm not okay recently so he asked me why! and i couldn't say it
i couldn't tell him that i'm afraid to lose him and that i'm falling for him cuz i don't want him to feel any kind of pressure and i don't want him to think that i'm not confident enough
with all these girls around
i don't really know how to explain it all
we're going on a date and he'll be waiting for explanation :( !!! help
I'm afraid to lose him. What to do?
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