Would you go for it? even though...

ok so recently I've been talking to this guy at my school on facebook chat, we both are in rock challenge so we have talked a few times. however we have become really close and he asked me out...im year 11- he's a year 10 ...now I'm not one to judge saying just cause I'm older and a girl, but I'm also confused as hell. I have gcses and other stuff, do I want a relationship? plus I find the guy, funny, and sweet and he actually seems like he cares, and I actually enjoy talking to him...would you date the younger guy even with the drama in your life, and the banta that awaits u?


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  • Age is irrelevant, being able to connect on the same mature level is not.

    Give it a go, if it doesn't work.. then it doesn't work.. I don't see the issue in attempting it if its what YOU want to do and he'd agree with you ofcource :>


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