Should I have been cautious or was he being genuine?

There was a guy who I was seeing for a few weeks. He 'dumped' me last week saying we're too different, which is fair enough. However, I think it was because I didn't sleep with him. He made it clear that he wanted us to sleep together after a week and I told him I'd rather wait to get to know him better. Despite this, he still brought up sex a lot and teased me for being a 'good girl'.

when he 'dumped' me, I told him I understand and had doubts too and wished him well. Tonight I got a random text from him asking how I am. we had a little conversation and he started saying how he was missing me and he was wrong and that opposites attract. I continued the conversation but told him that I thought it would be best being friends. he said we would workout if he put more of an effort in. he knows it's a relationship I'm interested in and not a casual fling. he hasn't replied since me saying about us being friends.

I don't know what to make of it. I told him friends cos I have doubts and did when I was seeing him because of how quickly he was mentioning sex and still mentioning after me saying I wanted to take it slow. also there ae pictures on a certain social network site of him kissing another girl over the weekend, which makes me think that maybe he didn't get lucky with that girl so he came back to me because he knows I was interested in him and thought he might get lucky with me instead. I like him but I've been hurt before. Plus the whole difference thing could easily be brought up again as an out.

Do you think he was being genuine or am I right to have been cautious?


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  • He's a creep who only wants sex. Stay away.