What do you guys think- how do you deal with learning important info if you are just in the early stages of getting to know a love interest?

What do you think 🤔
What do you think 🤔
It’s all well and good to say communicate and be open, wren dating or IN a relationship...

what do people do when its early on and they sense there could Be comparability problems on major things that are too soon to talk if. day to day, they get along just fine so breaking it off Would be premature?

in your opinion, how soon is too soon to ask and tell about sexual and general relationship and dynamic preferences?

let’s say you both really like each other , are not seeing other people but are taking it slow and spending time together before dating.. asking Questions can seem” odd”

Ironically, I do think the tendency to not want to jump to dating -when it isn’t Bc you want to keep options open- is often precisely Bc it is not encouraged to say and ask what you want early on. There is such a stigma attached to communicating “ too soon” as if it indicates you are rushing it going to turn out to be psycho.

I think even people should want to communicate still get influenced negatively into thinking there is Something wring if the other other persons is too direct too soon.
and yes I know there are those gens who are straight shooters themselves and wen one questions and info from their interest..

but I find it isn’t too common irl. More commonly I think people think they will be ok wyth when they talk about talking about stuff, but not when it comes up in practice.

so you have been casually hanging out a few months
haven’t been on a date.
not sure you want to Bc there is stuff you dk
Why to start getting attached
BUT bringing stuff up too soon it can give the the wrong idea
scare them away
IF it could’ve worked out, you lost your chance 🤷‍♀️🤔

I realize this in an extreme case, and who waits such a scaredy cat in theory... I’m asking Bc I do think its a common problem & fear in reality.

there seems to be no end of advice ( good or bad 😛) on how to
ask out
get sex
Communicating- once together
A few months after interest Established and time is spent together - dating or not.
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A few months after dating- whether you knew them before or not.
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Anytime you want.
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Weeks into acquaintance.
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Weeks into dating.
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... However, when you have already
have attracted
are attracted
get along well generally
have no issue asking out- don’t know if you should
you are not dating around so who wants to spend a year deliberating over one person..

When is “ too soon”?

{To be clear, I’m not asking when to confess feelings.. I’m asking when you think it is ok to talk about stuff you want / don’t want when dating in general}

Thank You 🌟
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How soon do you think you’d feel uncomfortable personally being as regular dating stuff


how important quality time is

How much alone time you like

If you like direct ir auntie communication

If you prefer to be in control or something egalitarian

Not kinks but maybe how much a priority Sex is to you in dating

It’s unfortunate it’s so hard to ask stuff irl when its easy online-even with strangers you meet on a talk site.
What do you guys think- how do you deal with learning important info if you are just in the early stages of getting to know a love interest?
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