How good would you rate your game (dating skills) from 1 to 10?

The question says it all, I will tell you mine after.


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  • Meh, game is really just code for...
    1.) charm
    2.) confidence
    3.) charisma
    4.) the ability to make someone feel priceless
    5.) As corny as it sounds, the skill to take someone's breath away whether it's being romantic or simply knowing what to do to take them to another world *bring adventure, ease their stress, and really tap into their inner most desires*

    My game is only ever at a 10 if I am really into a guy. I have the potential to perform at a 10, but honestly, most of the time I'm disinterested. The very first guy I ever really dated and kissed really set the bar high because he treated me so well. So while I don't compare other guys to him, I can't help but detect low quality because of him. This reduces the amount of dating in my life which is actually quite refreshing : )


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  • 9 I'm good but there is always room for improvement

  • 0 unproven

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