Does the guy I am dating have low self-esteem?

Does my boy have low self-esteem? Some time ago I met a boy and we started dating. I am 23, I study at the University and work, I also live independently, I am physically attractive and I will not deny that many men look at me. However, I had bad experiences in the past where I got very hurt by a psychopath boyfriend who treated me horribly. With this boy, I thought I found someone with a big heart, sensitive and very kind with whom I felt instantly at ease. He loved me from the beginning. He introduced me quickly to his friends. He also wanted to introduce me to his father. Showed my photos to his acquaintances with pride. However, many times he has told me that he needs to go to the gym, that I have a flat stomach and he does not, that I look great and he does not, that he regrets not having gone to the University, and he reaches points that he only wants to please me , always doing what I want, not reacting if something that I say or do doesn't like him, I even bought him a book and he couldn't accept that I had spent money on him... I try to help him as much as I can, I started teaching him a new language that he always wanted to learn, I try to recommend him not to drink so much with his friends... He says he feels very relaxed with me. However, I am afraid that their low self-esteem spoils our relationship. I would like him to allow himself to say what bothers him and what he really wants. What do you think?
Does the guy I am dating have low self-esteem?
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