He won't talk to me? Did I do something wrong?

So there's this guy who was texting me every w/e and talking to me online a lot for a couple of weeks and sometimes we hung out. We never dated but there was A LOT of flirting going on. I was like 99% sure he liked me and I liked him too but I never initiated.

Now one weekend he didn't text or anything and we met 'accidently' and I went to talk to him. Now we usually text to hang out and stuff but this time he asked me and my friends where we were going and I mentioned the name of the club and I asked him and his friend and his friend says he was tired and 'wanted to go to sleep' =S It was sort of funny but true.. So I cut short and said that my friends and I will just keep on moving, gave him a quick hug which he was awkward with and we seperated.. Now he doesn't talk to me at all anymore and it's already been like 2 weeks and a few =/..

What happened? =/ why did he suddenly get awkward? Did I do something wrong?


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  • did he talk to you again?

    • yeah actually... but it's really complicated... it's always the same thing with him, he'd talk to me and we hang out and everythings OK then he just stops out of nowhere =/

      but it doesn't matter cause we're just friends, he doesn't know how I feel about him and I don't intend on telling him anytime soon