Would you date someone that owns a dog if you don't?

I love my boyfriend, but damn his behavior with his dog! He rescued her, but he barely takes care of her. When I first met him, he was over feeding her beef liver and he never brushes her teeth or hair, and her teeth are becoming gross because of it. He also over feeds her treats, and now she is 5 pounds overweight... and he STILL GIVES HER TREATS. She sheds like crazy and he lets her sleep in our tiny ass bed (currently living in a travel trailer). She isn't well trained, she won't come when you call her, she is the type of dog that will claw you if you stop petting her, and she isn't leash trained at ALL. He lets her lick his face up to 2 minutes at a time and then he tries to turn around and kiss me 🤢 I love dogs and I grew up taking care of a dog, but I have reached the end of my rope. I can't stand being around his dog anymore and it's now a deal-breaker because he gets offended if I mention any of this and he thinks his dog is a perfect angel. Would you date someone with a dog, well trained or not? Would you be willing to take on the responsibility of their pet?
Yes, I love dogs!
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Would you date someone that owns a dog if you don't?
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