You spent several hours in a day having good time flirting with girls on online dating website?

I would like to know what will be your reaction after things have happened through to the end of this checklist, please advise:

• We got to know. We became closer. You acted like you are my boyfriend. Everybody around us know about us, but we have not moved in together yet as I am still trying to get to know you more;

• Time passes, your twist mind brought you to sign up for online dating website (bored?);

• You spent several hours in a day having good time flirting with girls on online dating website, thinking I don't know anything about it;

• My friend told me she saw you there;

• I checked it out, found you, but thought you would just do it for a short period of time;

• I allow some time, thinking you might be able to remind yourself when it is considered too much;

• It turned out you went down deeper and deeper in it and then finally cross the border by arranging to meet with some girls form there;

• I found out, but I am hate drama (well, I want good guy, but not the guy who pretend to be just because I acted up), so I just went out of your life before you know that I know everything about that;

• I was just disappeared from your life without saying anything, not even "goodbye;"

• I closed our chapter & cut all kind of communication;

• You were so obsessed by chatting and flirting on the dating website. It took you some days to realize I am not there beside you anymore.

Guys, what is your idea about this? Now that you look around and your "doormat" is not with you anymore. How would you feel? Will you be able to figure it out that I already caught you doing this bad thing long time ago already? What will you do next? Please tell me all your thoughts about this. Thanks!


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  • Well, if he was looking around for other women, he probably didn't value you as much as you valued him. So while he might be a little embarrassed for a while, it's probably just because he got caught.

    You're better off without him, obviously.


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  • i wouldn't do that in the first place that's what he gets hopefuly he gets herpes.

  • If you're hoping that he'll suddenly have a change of heart and come running back into your arms, I'm sorry, but life doesn't play out like a romantic comedy... He may be embarrassed, maybe mad, and probably only missing what you did for him...not YOU, per se. After all, if he loved, or even cared, about you, he wouldn't have cheated on you so braizenly in the first place. Dump him and get a guy who DOES care!


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