How do you find a date to prom at an all girls school?

I go to all girls school and I need a date for prom asap but i, as you can imagine, don't have a lot of guy friends. I had guys in grade school but I never kept in touch... so where do single guys hang out?

In Chicago


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  • lol such a geographical question in SC we all hang at the beach, in VA we all hang at the mall or laserquest, in Alabama we all hung out on the farm =P depends on where you live

    • Lol the mall and laserquest, SO TRUE. Haha :)

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    • Lmao no my parents are not mall cops. But whenever I see a mall cop it reminds me of that movie "mall cop" which is why I always just start laughing lol yeah they think they're cool but in the end I mean they're only mall cops so it's like wtf? You're not that bad haha

    • yaya I'm not THAT bad, well its a start at least

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  • Well, you don't want to just go pick up a stranger. So the best place to find someone you kind of-sort of know is 1. church, 2. ask your brother about his friends, 3. asks your friends about their brothers 4. asks your mom about their friends' kids who are your age, 5. ask your aunts about guys they know.

    I'm tapped out.

    Good luck.