Do I text or message him again? What should I do? Just met.

So I met him on Thursday through mutual friends. We all went to a club and I danced with pretty much just him all night. I kissed him, and he walked me back to the car with his arm around me. I used his phone to call my friend at one point during the night and she told him in the car she was saving it.

Saturday she gave me the number and told me to text him and I did. He was really slow in answering but he asked me what I was doing that night and I said nothing hbu? and he said he didn't know yet. I asked him if he wanted to hang out and I got no answer. Now it's Monday. Do I text or message him again, or just let it go? Am I a creeper for texting him even though he didn't actually give me his number? Why would he ask me what I was doing if he didn't want to hang out?


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  • He's doing this on purpose to make you think about him more so you'll really get excited when you finally hear back from him. It's a game women have taught men to play to keep your attention.

    • Well its working, lol. Do I message him on fb next time he's on or should I just wait till whenever I happen to see him again?

    • Well he wins if you contact him again before hearing back from him.

What Girls Said 1

  • let it go.. sounds like he is playing games already.

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