Boyfriend stresses me out

I've been dating my boyfriend for almost 2 years now. We use to live 2 hrs apart and last May I moved to the same city as him. Ever since I've moved he's been over everyday even though he has a house not far from my apt. I really am tired of having to clean up after him and asking him to clean up. I've even told him to go home, but he keeps saying he will and never does. Him being around ALL the time is making my anxiety worst. I feel like I can't come home and relax with him here, and he continues to act like everything is OK. Am I wasting my time with him if I can't even live with him?


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  • Definitely this should be cause for concern. However, before you even get to the "living together" worry I would focus instead on him not respecting your wishes (especially since it's YOUR apartment). If you are having this much trouble communicating already it may be a forewarning of things to come.


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