Is beauty and intelligence a problem in a woman?


I tell you my situation.
I am a 23 year old girl, and in general I have always been told that I am pretty. Men talk to me in the street, stop me to get my number, in the clubs I know I can be with whoever I want. If I am sincere, I never consider myself so much, I always take care of myself too much because I am very perfectionist in all aspects, not only in the physical but also in scholars. I have a tendency not to believe in myself.
Some time ago I am dating a boy, who in a very short time began to introduce me in his circle of friends. Some of his friends girlfriends didn't even greet me when they crossed me at home. Others look at me suspiciously. Even another one wrote out of nowhere to my guy and asked him where I was from, the day after I met her boyfriend. With the boys, for the moment I had no problem.
In general, even though I have a lot of affection for the guy I am dating, I feel he likes to present me as a prize. It is a rare sensation. Like when he is around his friends he wants to show me, he feels good when they flatter me. And in all this tsunami, I really start to feel out of place and alone. I feel that he is more interested in showing me than knowing me, deepening in myself and loving me. And that I will not be able to be a friend with the girls (only one treated me very well, and basically it was because she filled me with compliments, but at least she was nice and I feel grateful that she made me feel welcome).
And this not only affects me in this area, at the University I have to make a double effort to be extremely nice or I feel they don't accept me (usually women). I am sociable and I only have a faithful friend.
Do you think I should discuss the situation with my boy?
Is beauty and intelligence a problem in a woman?
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