Said-'Don't get attached' 'I didn't mean it like that' 'I'll see you tomorrow'(kissed me),then slam the door?

OK so we are- I don't know exactly., I guess friends who used to date (was not very long I moved away) and are still extremely attracted to each other? but I said I didn't want to get involved, a few days ago and I WAS planning on staying away for a while just so he'd understand I MEANT I was not expecting/ planning on getting involved, but he caught me after work and asked for help reading lines.

Why did he kiss me , say he would see me tomorrow and slam the door?

So I went over and helped then we hung out, when he walked me out we kind of got stuck and almost kissed then he said 'don't get attached'. I said 'we talked about this and I'm not a hypocrite'. He said 'i did not mean it like that' and pulled me to him and kissed me real quick before I knew he was going to , then said' ill see you tomorrow' as he slammed the door..

-Whats up.


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  • what end up going on?

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