Dating anomaly of when the woman's feelings change?

I've dated/started dating something like seven girls in the past year. (Not at the same time.)

They all say they like me, and that I treat them amazingly. But that they're not ready, and they could never be with me, and I'm a great friend (etc. etc.. ).

It's got me wondering honestly, because some of these same girls dated guys that would beat the sh*t out of them for years.

I don't believe the "there's someone out there for you" bologna people sell to make people feel better.

What possible things can make a woman decide she could never be with a guy who's been better to her and who she in fact made the first move on?


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  • These women were just being nice and they weren't interested in you in the first place to be honest dude. That is another way to see "i don't think you are interesting for me to date you".

    Bascially this is another case of the "Bad Boy syndrome" that women have. What this means, is that you are being too nice, predictable, easy to please and not dramatic enough for them to like you.You see if you don't make girls go through roller coaster of emotions, you will never get them.

    This is the bad boy syndrome that women have.

    Stupid? Off course it is, yet we see 50% of marriages end up in divorce, lonely people and lots of broken hearts.

    • I won't lie, there's a lot of truth to this. I've seen it a lot. And it's very likely.

      I'm not a nice person. The women I date are pretty much the only people I am nice to.

      The most likely reason is me not being what they expected... That really doesn't help me though. It's not something I could change about myself. (Sounds like I'm S.O.L., haha.)

    • The only women I know who act this way are on gag, and those are just stories-probably from guys pretending to be women. You all should get out more.

      QA if women do the SAME thing, then maybe you are subconsciously looking for women who won't really want to stick around. and if you really are as you say, 'not nice', to everyone else. then its in your personality- they will pick up on it. maybe you being a jerk at heart is not attractive.

    • Even though I never respect anything coming from a chav :) you have a point there. UP ARSENAL!

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  • Maybe she's initially attracted but there's no passion. Maybe something about the guy put her off. He was too forward, too slow to move. For me, a guy who can't seem to make up his own mind about where to go, or what to do on a date can put me off early on. (A yes man, for example.) If there's no sexual energy there, it could make a guy seem better suited for friendship. There really are lots of reasons.

  • I don't understand why not, but I've been through this problem before with a guy I've went back to and tried to work things out five times. You see, I don't mean to be harsh, but it's possible that they purely just lost interest. People who have been abused by men, (from a woman's point of view) could probably leave them feeling quite vunerable to reactions. Maybe they simply aren't ready, and are scared if they see signs that a past partner had. You sound like a nice guy, and probably treat girls with the best of respect and loyalty, but when something like that happens to someone you have to really consider their situation. Otherwise, I don't know what else to tell you.

    • Yea. It's the difference between "I'm just not ready." and "I could never be with you." (Both phrases, often from the same person.)That's what's bugging me. Like there's something severely wrong with me that they all notice in the first week or two. . . I could see it if I was really into their business, but they've all had space and they all wanted to hang out with me.

      It's making me really self-conscious, honestly.

    • It's most likely not a personal thing at all. And if you're concerned about that, would you maybe consider talking to them about it? Or do you think they'll just say all the things they said before along with their excuses?

    • I've tried talking to them on every account. And no, I never have got a straight answer for it... It's a whole lot of fail.

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  • its because women need to feel like they are perfectly safe with you except that you might viciously rape them except that you wouldn't cause your totaly safe and would never do anything like that but you might hold them down and force yourself inside them but not actualy except maby but not really except probably maybe.. I'm sure you see the patter this is how women feel attraction in their brains.

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